5 Common Damages From A Side Swipe Accident

A sideswipe is when a car comes into your lane and damages the side panels of the vehicle. Often, the damage appears minor at first glance, especially for low-speed accidents. Regardless of the extent of visible damage, quick repairs are needed since some problems may not be quite as obvious. 1. Scuffed Paint and Trim In a best-case scenario, there will only be minor paint damage and perhaps some damage to the trim work.

FAQs About Auto Window Tinting

Tinting your car's windows can help improve aesthetics and privacy. Besides, tinting your windshield helps protect your eyes against the sun rays and light from oncoming vehicles when driving. For these reasons, tinting your vehicle is crucial. However, you should understand what the tinting process entails. Read these commonly asked questions to learn more. Why Is Auto Glass Tinting Important? Apart from offering privacy and improving your car's aesthetics, window tint offers the following benefits.

Started Up A New Business? 2 Advertising Tips

If you started up a new business, one of the hardest things is to get customers. The best way to do this is to advertise. There are many ways you can do this. Below are two tips to help you grow your business faster. Use a Car Wrap A vehicle wrap offers your car many benefits, but can also be used to advertise. The wrap will protect your car from damage, such as from the sun, rocks that hit your car, and more.

Tips When Having An Auto Body Shop Paint Your Vehicle

After a collision, a lot of your vehicle's paint may be messed up. Instead of going with the same color, you might consider having an auto body repair shop give you something completely different. This professional painting will go perfectly if you use these tips.  Choose a Long-Term Color When it comes to painting your vehicle, you don't just want to choose a color you like at the moment. Such an approach will probably leave you regretting the selected color, especially if it's really outside the box.

About Paintless Dent Repair For Shallow Dents

Any dents your car has will detract from its look and in some cases, they can lead to other problems. For example, if you have a dent that has compromised the paint and affected the underlying metal, then the car can be susceptible to rust, which can be very problematic for the overall integrity of your car. Not only do you want to fix the more threatening damages, but all damages can affect your car in one way or another.

K-Turns And Unexpected Dents Mean A Trip To The Body Shop For A Leased Luxury Car

Leasing a luxury car presents a way to acquire a top-notch car without committing to a purchase. Without the hassles of ownership, you can upgrade with no worries. When the lease is up, return the vehicle and sign a contract for a brand-new one. Be mindful that returning the car could lead to some charges for going over the mileage, cleaning, or excess wear and tear. Dents, dings, and scratches fall under the excess wear and tear category.

Recovering From An Accident? How To Ensure The Proper Repairs For Your Car

Now that your car has been damaged in an accident, you've got your work cut out for you; the work of having the damage repaired. Unfortunately, insurance companies don't always make it easy for you to get the repairs you need taken care of in a timely manner. In fact, they can make the entire process downright difficult. Here are some tips that will help take the struggle out of getting your car repaired after an accident and while you look for an auto body repair shop.

2 Reasons To Have Damage To Your Car's Paint Repaired Immediately After A Collision

After being involved in a collision with either another vehicle or an object, you may have noticed a few scratches or gouges in the paint at the point of impact. Because you believe that this damage is only cosmetic, you may decide to simply live with it. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should have the damage to your car's paint repaired as soon as possible. 1.  Avoids Future Problems with the Paint and Body

Wheel Alignment And Your Driving Habits: There Is A Connection

A wheel alignment is one of those maintenance staples that all car owners should expect to perform at some point. However, if you experience misalignment issues routinely, your driving habits might be to blame.  Unsafe Road Conditions If the road is ragged and full of holes, you should avoid the route. As your car rolls through a pothole in the road, it will also dive down into the hole and do so quite aggressively.

Are Auto Body Repairs Worth The Time?

If your car has a few dents, how badly do you need repairs? Parts that hang from the side of the vehicle may need to be pulled off and replaced, but what about smaller dents that may not be scraping across the road? Here are a few details about auto body damage to help you understand how quickly you need to get to a body shop: Aerodynamic Disaster Vehicles are designed not only for visual appeal but to move forward as efficiently as possible.