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Wheel Alignment And Your Driving Habits: There Is A Connection

A wheel alignment is one of those maintenance staples that all car owners should expect to perform at some point. However, if you experience misalignment issues routinely, your driving habits might be to blame. 

Unsafe Road Conditions

If the road is ragged and full of holes, you should avoid the route. As your car rolls through a pothole in the road, it will also dive down into the hole and do so quite aggressively. The impact of the dip can sometimes throw off your car's alignment almost immediately. Even if you don't notice an immediate effect, the damage will already be done. Only drive your vehicle in safe conditions.

Increased Speed

Speeding brings about all sorts of trouble, including alignment issues. A small bump in the road, like a speed bump or area of raised pavement, isn't generally much to worry about. However, if you go over these bumps at high speed, you can throw off the alignment of your car. Always follow the speed limit and reduce your speed whenever you see an imperfection or speed bump in the road. 

Fender Bender

Accidents are not always avoidable, but when you can, make sure you do your best to avoid one. When it comes to wheel alignment, even a minor fender bender is enough to cause an issue. For instance, assume you were parked, and a car hit you from behind only causing minor damage to the bumper. If your vehicle moved while locked into the parked gear, the movement could quickly shift the alignment of your tires in the process. Have your car checked for an alignment issue after any collision. 

Poor Parking Habits

Be mindful of how you park your car. If you regularly hit the curb or the concrete dividers in the parking lot, you can mess up the alignment of your vehicle. While minor, when you hit these hard surfaces, your car still registers the event as impact, and the pressure from the impact can quickly cause an alignment concern. Monitor your surroundings and take your time whenever you park to avoid this type of mishap. 

Repairs Matter 

Misalignment issues don't just impact your ability to maneuver your car safely. When your vehicle needs an alignment, you also put increased wear and tear on your engine, as your engine will have to work harder to move your car forward, given the displacement of the wheels. Alignment problems will also reduce the lifespan of your tires, as your tires will wear unevenly. 

No matter the reason for your wheel alignment concerns, you need to have the matter addressed. Take your car to a qualified auto alignment repair service for a full diagnostic evaluation and the repairs you need.