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5 Common Damages From A Side Swipe Accident

A sideswipe is when a car comes into your lane and damages the side panels of the vehicle. Often, the damage appears minor at first glance, especially for low-speed accidents. Regardless of the extent of visible damage, quick repairs are needed since some problems may not be quite as obvious.

1. Scuffed Paint and Trim

In a best-case scenario, there will only be minor paint damage and perhaps some damage to the trim work. If the panel isn't creased or dented, then your auto body tech can clean out the scrape and repaint it so it looks as good as new. In some cases, they may opt to repaint the entire panel. Trim work is then sourced to match the rest of the car so that the repair can be completed.

2. Panel Damage

A dent or crease in a metal panel, or a puncture in a plastic panel, requires more work to repair. Metal dents can be popped out and then the panel is repainted as needed. Creases can sometimes be hammered out, but replacement of the panel may be recommended if the crease is severe. Punctured plastic panels can't be repaired, so in this case, a replacement panel is necessary.

3. Broken Mirrors

A common casualty of a sideswipe accident is your side view mirror. It may be knocked off completely or left to dangle. In nearly all instances, full replacement of the mirror housing and assembly is the only possible way to repair the damage. Mirrors with automatic adjusters inside the vehicle will need to be hooked back into the adjustment system, as well. 

4. Glass Breakage

Broken windows are another problem that usually occurs when you are sideswiped. The glass often falls into the door, which means your tech must disassemble the door even if it survived the accident with minimum damage. The glass, as well as the panel, depending on the extent of damage, must be replaced. Tinted glass will need to be matched to the rest of the windows in your vehicle. 

5. Frame Issues

If hit at the wrong point or at a high enough speed, the frame of your vehicle may be warped. When this happens, tire alignment can be off and there may be ongoing handling issues. Most modern car frames can be pulled back into shape, but your repair tech will have to determine the best option. 

Contact an auto body repair shop if your car has been sideswiped.