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K-Turns And Unexpected Dents Mean A Trip To The Body Shop For A Leased Luxury Car

Leasing a luxury car presents a way to acquire a top-notch car without committing to a purchase. Without the hassles of ownership, you can upgrade with no worries. When the lease is up, return the vehicle and sign a contract for a brand-new one. Be mindful that returning the car could lead to some charges for going over the mileage, cleaning, or excess wear and tear. Dents, dings, and scratches fall under the excess wear and tear category. Rather than bring back a "damaged" car, why not visit a certified body shop for a fix.

The K-Turn Calamity

Taking a wrong turn up the wrong street can't always be solved by a U-turn. A narrow street might require making a three-point K-turn. You put your car's body at risk with K-turns as you could hit the curb, a trash can, or more. A dented and scratched rear fender could take much of the visual allure of a luxury car away. Odds are people will notice imperfections on a luxury vehicle more than they would another car. So, seeking out a body shop for repair should become a priority, or else you lose the vehicle's luster. A dented car won't likely impress. And there are things to consider about returning a damaged car to the leasing dealership.

The Dealership Might Run Up the Price

Some may choose to bring their vehicle back without repairing the damage. The driver could take a chance and assume the dealership won't charge too much as the manager might not wish to risk future business. That's a risk that could prove costly. The dealership might hit you with high repair costs, costs that an auto body shop might charge far less than the dealer. Competition among body shops could lead to competitive rates. At least get an estimate from the body shop first to see what it would cost, if anything. Be mindful that auto insurance might come into play here.

Bodywork and Repairs

Assuming the K-turn only caused body damage could be a bad idea. Other problems may be present, including ones that create dangers. A body shop that also performs mechanical inspection offers something of value. The team may recommend repairs that address safety issues. Looks aren't everything with a luxury car. You want a safe-driving vehicle, too.

Choosing a certified repair shop can be another good move. Certified technicians possess a high level of training specific to certain models. Luxury vehicle brands produce exceptional cars. Look for body shops that are certified to handle your brand of car, such as a Maserati-certified body shop