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4 Common Damages That Require The Help Of An Auto Body Repair Expert

Your vehicle is a vital investment, and you should keep it in excellent condition. However, you may get involved in an accident at some point, and your vehicle gets significant body damage. A major collision can leave your car dysfunctional, while a bender fender may not present any issues until later on. Regardless of the damage to your vehicle after a crash, it's best to seek timely repairs from an auto body repair expert. Here are the common damages that require the services of such professionals. 

1. Minor Dents On The Vehicle Surface

If you're involved in a crash, and your vehicle has minor dings, but the paint is intact, you don't need a thorough paint job. It's easy to fix such damage with paintless dent repairs. Your professional will use advanced car body repair tools to remove the dent during the repair. And the good news is that the damaged area will be restored to its original condition.

2. Replacing The Vehicle Body Panel

Your repair technician should replace extensive damage to the body panel after an accident. This is a simpler process than having to rebuild the part of the panel that is damaged. But, expect the repairs to take longer because a professional has to order or find the exact replacement part. They'll also ensure the panels are in excellent condition before installing them and painting your vehicle.

3. Repair/Replacement Of Your Vehicle Windshield

Windshield repair or replacement may be necessary if you're involved in an accident. That said, when addressing this problem, your technician will use a clear resin on the area where there's the damage, then cure and polish it. In case of extensive damage, you may need windshield replacement. When replacing it, your technician will opt for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) instead of aftermarket parts.

4. Alignment Of The Vehicle Frame

The car frame should be in excellent condition because it helps to support vital car components, such as the transmission and engine. Unfortunately, it can become damaged in an accident. For that reason, you should have it checked. In addition, proper frame alignment is crucial in ensuring that the vehicle doesn't pull to the side, putting you at risk of an accident. Therefore, your technician will employ different methods when aligning the frame, such as welding frame components and use of laser straightening tools. 

When fixing damage to your car after a crash, you should work with an experienced car body repair professional. Additionally, the few issues highlighted in this guide require urgent attention to ensure you don't suffer further damage in the future. 

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