Learning About Auto Body And Paint Projects

Painting Part Of Your Car? Don't Make These BIG Mistakes

A wreck of any measure of damage can be frustrating to say the least, but if you are involved in an automobile accident which leaves you with damage to only one section of your car, it can be incredibly aggravating. If you are like some vehicle owners, you will sustain damage to a single part of your vehicle's body and decide to take matters into your own hands where repairs and painting are concerned.

While it may be simple enough to pop off a fender panel and replace it or even install a new door, painting a body part can be quite the challenge for someone without the proper tools and experience. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes DIYers tend to make when painting a part of their car's body. 

Mistake: Trying to paint the body part after installation. 

Why? If you stick the new auto body part on your vehicle and then try to paint it, you will be facing the huge task of protecting the rest of your vehicle while you paint this one area. Painting the new component should only be performed with the part actually removed from the vehicle. Otherwise, you could end up with overspray on the rest of your car.

Mistake: Using the wrong paint color.

Why? This sounds like a simple mistake that would be easy to avoid, but yet, it is still one of the most easily made mistakes people tend to make when attempting to paint their own body parts. There is a paint model number you should use to order paint, which can often be found on the inside of the door of your vehicle. However, ordering this paint from anyone other than the original manufacturer can leave you with a color that is slightly off kilter with the rest of the paint. Make sure you only buy paint from the manufacturer of your vehicle to avoid this issue. 

Mistake: Assuming the factory color of the part is enough of a primer for paint.

Why? when you order a new auto body component, whether it is a door, fender, or otherwise, it is possible that it will be shipped to you seemingly already coated with a coat of primer. While it may seem like this part is ready to be painted straight out of the shipment box, it is never a good idea to do so. What looks like primer on these parts is often just a layer of sealant or a chemical treatment to give the part a finished look. Therefore, the end result after you do paint will not hold up and will likely be an off color. 

For more extensive repair jobs, it's best to seek auto body repair services from a professional.