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Ignoring Scratches, Dents, And Shakes After An Accident Creates Bigger Problems With Your Car

If you've been in a car accident, there's probably some damage to your car. Even if your car appears to only have cosmetic damages, it's important to have your car assessed by a professional mechanic after you've been in an accident. Structural damage can occur, and left alone, this can cause significant problems in your future.

Many people get into accidents and figure their car is fine if they are able to drive away. But the concern is that an accident can cause damages that may allow the car to run temporarily but will cause the need for larger repairs if the car continues to run. Here are some things to be aware of after you get into a car accident.

When Your Car is Shaking After an Accident

While serious shaking sends most people right to the mechanic, a slight shimmy isn't a cause for concern for too many people. The problem is, if you are driving a car that has developed a slight shake after an accident, the whole alignment of your car can be off. This means that you are driving a car that is out of alignment, and you will cause the need for additional repairs if you continue to drive it. There could be any number of loose bolts causing this slight tremor while you drive, and over time the bolts will fall completely out. What was once a small repair of tightening a few fittings can turn into a complete overhaul of your engine and its components. Don't drive a car that has developed a tremor, even if you believe the problem is minor.

Dents Can Be More than Cosmetic

After an accident, you may discover a few dents and scratches on your car. While a dent may appear to have no impact on the mechanics of your car, it's important to have these checked out. A dent could be causing friction on a tire, or it could lead to problems with the alignment of engine parts within your car. A dent can also rust over time, causing problems with the exterior of your car. Even if the repair seems small, you may be surprised to learn how expensive the repair can be if you have to pay out of pocket. Most people are nervous about calling their insurance company after a small accident, for fear of rate increases, but the cost of repairs is often worth it.

If you have been in an accident and your car has some dents and scratches, its time to bring the car in to a collision repair shop for an assessment.