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Find Out What To Do When Your Car Is Damaged In An Accident

When you are in an accident, you may end up having to go to a body shop like High Point Body & Paint to get all the damage fixed. If you do, you may want to know what the process is going to be. It can be really confusing to make sure that you get everything done right so that you get reimbursed for the repair costs. 

Contact Your Insurance Agent

The first thing you are going to need to do is to call your insurance agent as soon as you can, right after you call emergency services, if possible. Some insurance agencies have mobile claims agents who can be at the accident site before your car gets towed. If they can't get there before the car leaves, they can go to where your car is and get a firsthand look at the damage. Your agent will be able to give you an idea as to how much the damage will cost. Your agent will also be able to give you ideas as to where to take your car to get a quote. 

Get a Quote

You are going to have to go see a few auto body shops to get quotes on the damage. If your car is driveable, you can drive it there. If not, you will have to have it towed to the various shops. Before you do that, you can call the various shops and give them a vocal description of the damage. The mechanics won't be able to give you an exact quote, but they can give you a ballpark figure. Once you take it into their shop, they will be able to give you a better quote on how much it will cost to fix the damage. The quote will include parts and labor. Some quotes will give you different prices on parts, depending on if you want OEM parts or parts sourced from other places. 

You will want to have two or three quotes so you are sure to get the best repair price. Your insurance company may also require you to have at least two quotes before they will reimburse you. Once you have decided where the car is going, you can talk to your insurance agent to see if the body shop should send you the bill or if they should send the insurance company the bill. 

Getting into an accident and damaging your car can be stressful. Knowing what you should do to get the damage repaired can make everything easier for you.