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3 Steps To Reduce Costs By Restoring Equipment For Your Contracting Business

If you work with heavy machinery for your contracting business, buying new equipment can greatly increase operation costs. This can make it expensive for you if you are just getting started with a business. If you want to keep costs down, older, used equipment can be a good solution. Before you start using your equipment, you may want to do a complete restoration to make it just like new again. Here are a few basic steps to ensure you get years of use out of your restored machinery:

1. Dismantle Everything And Take An Inventory Of Parts

Once you have an old rugged machine that looks like it has not seen the light of day in decades, you will be ready to start dismantling it. Start by removing all the large parts of the machine and set them aside. Start from one area and work your way taking parts off and labelling them, so you know where they get when it is time to put things back together. Keep an inventory and make a list of even the smallest bolts and screws that need replacing. Use masking tape and a permanent marker to label wiring, hoses and connections.

2. Paint The Equipment And Replacing Damaged Parts

Once you have the machine completely dismantled, you will be ready to really start restoring it. Clean every piece of metal to the bare metal surface. You will want to paint parts and give any unpainted surfaces a good coat of oil to protect them from oxidation. A sand blaster can work well for removing old paint and grime from parts. There may be parts that need to be replaced, such as light assemblies, and interior features like seats, dashboards and controls. If you need to replace something you cannot find, contact a heavy machinery repair service and talk with them about fabricating the part for you.

3. Have The Mechanical Systems Rebuilt, Replaced Or Refurbished

The mechanical components of your machinery are the most important, especially if you plan on using the equipment regularly. Instead of rebuilding these parts yourself, you can contact a heavy equipment repair service to refurbish motors, electrical systems and hydraulics. They can also add modern systems, such as brake connections for trailers, tracking systems and other features you may want. Some of the parts can also be completely replaced to ensure your restored equipment works just as good as it did the day it was built.

These are some tips that can help you with the restoration of equipment for your business. If you need help with repairs to get your machine running, contact a heavy equipment repair service to help with your restoration project or click here.